Laura Biagiotti Uomo, quality and Italian style



The recently founded Laura Biagiotti Uomo, is a new brand to the world of men’s fashion and style, and it’s already prepared to showcase its clothing and shirt collections in store windows of all big cities around the world. The brand aims to offer high quality men’s shirts inspired by Italian style and fashion.

Just last month, Biagiotti group stabilized and signed a distribution and production license, for Laura Biagiotti Uomo clothes, with one of the most authentic Italian shirt companies that has specialized in designing and manufacturing men’s and women’s shirts; Migor SpA. The company has experience in producing classic and sporty shirts, intended for a customer of mid to high-end markets, or better, for anyone who loves to dress with sophistication and style at all times.


As all shirts produced by Migor SpA, also Laura Biagiotti Uomo shirts will be produced keeping in mind the culture of Italian craftmanship. These shirts stand out for their elegance and originality in design, and for the never-ending research work the company puts in, in order to find and use only the finest raw materials and the most beautiful colors, bringing together the characteristic style of the Biagiotti collections with the known accuracy and attention Migor SpA puts into the manufactuing process.

The result of this collaboration is a collection of Laura Biagiotti shirts that suit perfectly the spirit of our times: these shirts are comfortable, stylish, durable and manufactured according to traditional Italian tailoring methods. The collaboration of Migor SpA with Laura Biagiotti Uomo, gave them the opportunity to extend their presence in the upper sectors of men’s clothing market, reinforcing their already strong presence in the international fashion scene and spreading the culture of Italian style and shirts.