How to dress for a wedding


How to dress for a wedding

Wedding season is officially here, bringing one question to many people’s minds; how to dress for a wedding. For sure, women are usually more obsessed with their looks and outfits than men, but for events like these also men should pay a bit more attention to their clothes and style.

To decide how to dress for a wedding, it’s necessary to keep in mind some aspects regarding the ceremony and to trust your own inspiration and instinct, in order to feel comfortable and elegant at the same time.

Although the weather might be unpredictable, you should always consider the season. During warm periods of the year, wedding guests’ outfits can usually be less formal than in the winter period, because no coat is needed and closed shoes can be replaced with lace-up shoes or elegant loafers. Another important thing to consider is the schedule, for example, you need to wear a suit or even a traditional tight, for an elegant afternoon wedding, of course, matched with a classic white shirt.

Sometimes the invitation gives us some clues on how to dress for a wedding, in these cases choosing clothes for a wedding is quite easy. When elegance is required, men should wear a black or blue suit, combined with matching socks, white or very light colored shirt and black or really dark shoes. In order to appear elegant a tie is always necessary, in addition to cuff links, which will make your outfit stand out.

Also the venue gives us tips on how to dress for a wedding, if the ceremony is located in luxurious surroundings, certain elegance is obviously required, sometimes it’s even appropriate to wear a frac. On the other hand, there are more casual weddings. Specially when the bride and groom are quite young, some more creativity is allowed while thinking of how to dress for a wedding. Although, it’s always better not to wear a pair of jeans to a wedding, in these cases also a suit might be too much. If the wedding is casual, it’s possible to choose an alternative and original look, with a touch of color: a pastel colored or striped shirt, combined with a contrasting blazer and pants, or you could even choose darker colors matched with a colorful tie, in addition to other accessories, which will make a nice detail.