Migor SpA, innovation and web: An Interview with Emilio Inserra





A few days ago we had the pleasure of interviewing Emilio Inserra, commercial director of a well-known shirt factory based in Carpi. We talked about the unstable economic situation and of strategies adopted to tackle it. We also discussed the use of Internet as a tool to increase brand awardness but also as a distribution channel through e-commerce. Please find below the full interview , we hope you enjoy reading.

Emilio, pleasure to meet you, could you tell us a little about yourself, what do you do and how did you end up in your career?

I’m a commercial director at Migor SpA since 2009. I started my professional career in 1988 and since then I’ve only worked for companies in the clothing industry that are specialized in shirts.

So, you work for Migor SpA in Carpi, can you explain to our readres what does this company do?

Migor SpA is one of the most historic Italian companies, established in 1931 by Mr. Minervo Gorgò and run today by Mr. Roberto Gorgò, together with his sons Fabio, Daniele and Stefano. The company manufactures and distributes classical and sporty men’s shirts and women’s blouses in the medium-high market segment. We distribute two of our own brands, Webb & Scott co. and Philo Vance, in addition to Navigare and Laura Biagotti, which are distributed under a licence.

Gorgo-Family-Migor-shirt-factoryGorgò Family: Daniele, Roberto, Stefano, Fabio

What are the strengths of Migor SpA?

I find it difficult to briefly answer this question. The simplest way to answer, shortly, is to say that our products are highly competitive because of the quality, price and service offered. But I have no doubt that this is a result of Migor SpA’s values and efforts, which are the basis of our business ethics; everything is based on total respect of social rights, on a strong team spirit and not least on loads of enthusiasm, which in complicated moments like this is essential to be able to overcome the difficulties the market presents.

In this particularly unstable economic situation , Migor SpA has adopted new strategies?

We have adopted various strategies, which are not exclusively directed on traditional multi-brand distribution channels. Our plans are designed to give us greater support for internationalization and for brand communications and, especially, to create strong partnerships with our clients through commercial agreements, that, we believe, are important in order to overcome this difficult economic situation.

Does Migor SpA use the Internet to increase the visibility of their brands?

We are convinced that the Internet has become by far the most important communication method and therefore it can’t be forgotten. We are gradually moving towards this direction, shifting some of our traditional communication forms to Web communications. We proceed little by little and use both methods combined, as for now we can’t see neither of the two communication practices as an esclusive way of doing things.

Shirt-factory-Migor-CarpiMigor SpA Carpi

What do you think of e-commerce? Do you think it’s a channel able to increase brand’s visibility?

There is no doubt that e-commerce nowadays is an essential part of brand growth. In fact, statistics speak for themselves; even Italian customers have now reached the level of online purchases that a few years back differed them from other European and American customers. In Italy online shopping is becoming more and more popular and today all the high-end brands have their own websites, in order to sell their products online. However, we are certain that our corporate is able to manage this path in partnership, in fact we think Kamiceria.com is an ideal partner for us to carry on this activity.

Finally, what are Migor SpA’s goals and aspirations for the future?

This is a difficult question in its simplicity, above all because of the economic situation that we are living in. Shortly, our goal is to establish Migor SpA as a leader in our market segment and our aspiration is to achive this goal continuing to work with passion and enthusiasm, with a strong team spirit.