La tensione Evolutiva, a song by Jovanotti


Jovanotti is an Italian singer, whose latest music video, for a song called La tensione evolutiva, got us interested. With sounds of rap and pop mixed together Jovanotti tells a story about the emotions one goes through, while dealing continuously with a split personality. In this underground set Jovanotti appears as himself and as his alter ego, wearing clothes that highlight the differences of these two personalities, in fact the suits he wears are almost an opposite of one another.

At first, we can see the artist in a classic formal attire, a stylish grey suit matched with a white dress shirt, elegant and classy, while the other half presents itself in a more creative manner, in fact this personality is wearing a colorful and patterned suit, with large geometric shapes on a green background, combined with an even more imaginative shirt and an eye-catching tie. These wild patterns and colors are completely different from each other, and for this very reason they create a style, that’s unique and extreme. For sure, it’s not a look you can easily copy, because you need a really trained eye to match these kinds of patterns and colors together successfully.

Great song, great video and for sure one of the most original styles Jovanotti has chosen to wear for his videos. What do you think of the song and those suits? ;)