I want a gold shirt


Have you ever thought of wearing a gold shirt, a garment completely made of gold? Well if not, somebody has: a man named Datta Phuge, an Indian native who recently has seen his lifelong dream, of wearing a garment made of gold, come true. His passion for this precious metal has led him to get a nickname “golden man”, and lately to acquire a men’s shirt, entirely made of pure gold. Phuge is used to wearing heavy gold jewelry on a daily basis, such as rings, bracelets and medallions, in fact he doesn’t consider this insane purchase an extravagance, but as a very important milestone. He stated that he’ll wear this gold shirt for the most important occasions of his life.

The shirt is almost like a goldsmith’s work of art, in fact it was created by one of the most renowned jewelers in Mumbai, using a special machine and a pattern made of metal mesh, inspired by the ancient armors of Indian warriors and, of course paying attention to the traditional Italian fashion. Phuge was happy to pay about 250,000 US dollars for the gold shirt, even though it has some defects: The total weight is over 3 kilos, so it’s relatively heavy to wear and obviously not completely suitable for hot Indian summers, in addition to the fact that the metal mesh produces some noice. But the man is so used to regularly spend his earnings in gold jewelry and other objects made of this yellow metal, that these kinds of defects are easily bearable for him!

What do you think about the purchase? ;)