Ingram shirts give colour to your life


Ingram shirts are a perfect example of authentic italian high quality clothing. These garments designed and manufactured by the famous Inghirami group, are made with the finest fabrics, with a lot of attention to details, following the latest men’s fashion trends, but at the same time respecting the tradition of italian shirt making. Ingram shirts are results of a long research, these garments are high in quality and have, in addition, an eye-catching design and a modern sophistication.

This summer’s trendy colours for men were the inspiration for this collection, in fact it’s easy for every man to create an original look, that reflects their personal style, with these Ingram shirts, which make elegance a way of being for the sunny season. Small details add value to these shirts, creating unique styles, that also reflect the time we are living in. Shapes of these shirts are studied to highlight men’s figure with harmony and the slim fit shirts hug the body as a second skin.


Men’s fashion for the summer of 2013 embraces colours and Ingram used them in a creative and immaginative manner to create trendy shirts for the season. The wide range of fabrics and fits makes sure that there is something for everybody’s taste and style. Also simple, timeless and classic white shirts have been modified with some special details to match the current trends, there are, for example, original breast pockets with colorful pocket squares, in addition to  colorful and contrasting features, that give these Ingram shirts their refinement.

To give a hint of colour also to the most classic and sharp shirts, Ingram played with colours and volumes when adding stripes, matching beautiful and diverse hues: blue, violet, light blue and red. An informal, yet chic look with denim shirts, classic or vintage colour blue, always with sophisticated and contrasting reverse parts, made with jacquard or micro pattern fabrics, that give these shirts a special twist.

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