How to match a white shirt for casual occasions


how to match a white shirt for casual occasions

To match a white shirt to a casual look makes you stand out with sophistication, without being too traditional, in fact casual dressing is a matter of taste and style.

A white shirt is a basic, elegant and timeless garment in a man’s wardrobe, regardless how old you are, it’s perfect for any occasion, from everyday life to important ceremonies. The great thing about a white shirt is that it’s easy to match and it still gives you that polished and chic look even if you’re dressing for a casual occasion.


Between classic and streetwear

The obvious way to match a white shirt, is to paired it with jeans, classic or black ones, to be worn with a leather belt, maybe with a vintage feel to it. If you’re willing to add a hint of color, a plain skinny tie in a bright hue is a nice touch. For a more bold and unconventional combination, try matching a white shirt with stone washed or vintage style jeans or pants. Worn without a tie a white shirt is perfect matched with a colored or black sweater for a casual chic look, ideal for casual nights out, but also for professional occasions.


Play with colors

This summer one of the hottest fashion trends for men is color. So try to match a white shirt with those trendy and colorful pants and jeans, dyed with all the brightest colors, the shirt will make the beautiful hues stand out! This is a perfect combination for young and youthful, but also for those with a whimsical personalities who like to stand out from the crowd. Choose color also for the beach and summer vacations, colorful patterned or printed bermuda shorts, match perfectly a white shirt in linen or light cotton.


Be creative and casual chic

Dressing casual for men doesn’t mean you can totally forget about elegance. Casual and chic is a winning combination for every occasion and that’s why a blue casual blazer or a sports jacket paired with a white shirt is a great choice, or you could even try to match a white shirt with a colorful jacket in bright colors to dress according to the latest trends. Just remember to choose light-colored pants if you’re wearing a dark jacket, while with pastel colored jackets a pair of pants in a contrasting color is a trendy combination!