A formal dress shirt as a symbol of elegance



A formal dress shirt is a synonym for elegance and style, it’s perfect as business wear, but also for those who prefer refined, sophisticated and timeless clothing, without paying too much attention to the latest trends.

Traditional business style requires a classic dress shirt in white or light colored plain or thin striped fabric. Bright and vivid colors must be avoided in business clothing, as well as large patterns, in addition to wide and contrasting stripes. If you want to wear a striped shirt for business occasions, you should consider choosing very thin and light stripes, perfect also as office clothing.


Those who often dress with elegant clothing and business wear, should always pay a lot of attention to details, which are a very important part of formal clothing: a formal dress shirt should have a perfect fit and accurate finishings, the collar should be stiffened with collar stays, buttons should be of the finest quality and the presence of original details such as embroidered initials enriches the garment, giving it a customized look.

grey-mens-shirtOf course, even those who have to and want to dress with business wear daily, are allowed to add some personal style to it. A little bit of creativity to create a not so standardized look, that stands out with a touch of chic originality, still following the basic rules of business clothing.

A formal dress shirt can be slightly colored, light blue is a classic, but try also light pearl gray and pink, you can even choose a slimmer fit, to make the classic look a bit more chic and youthful. You can also try a slim tie, insted of a traditional one, in plain contrasting color or with a multicolor pattern, it makes the look more modern and disengaged. There are also some other choices you can make in order to give a twist to your business clothing without exaggerating: a pocket square is always a nice little details to add, pick a striped shirt with white collar and cuffs or you could even try a shirt with cufflinks in order to stand out.

A general rule is to build up a stylish wardrobe, with elegant and versatile garments, it’s important to have a wide range of colors, fits and styles to choose from, in order to avoid a monotone look and to always dress up according to your mood and to the occasions, with a great balance between elegance and creativity.