Perfect color combination for elegant men


Despite the fact that fashion sets new colors for every new season, a combination of black and white still maintains it’s fame as a perfect garment for an elegant man.

Classic and timeless, simple but impressive, suitable for any context and at any age, the combination of black and white is ideal for all sizes and body types, it’s a mark of distinction and elegance, excellent for important events and elegant evenings. This color combination can be modified with imagination and creativity, perhaps you could try adding a detail, in an original color, to give some personality to the look.

man-black-suit-and-tie-combination shirt-tie-suit-combination-men

Simple elegance with black shirts

Sophisticated and chic, with semplicity and rigor, black is often present in a man’s wordrobe and in a classy man’s attire. Whatever is the style and the occasion, a black shirt is a polished choice for a minimalistic look, which however doesn’t go unnoticed. If a total black look seems a too dark and dramatic idea, you should try to revive it by adding a touch of contrasting color, or even just choosing a white shirt to be worn with an otherwise black look, both classic and casual styles. Giving balance and harmony to black clothing with white and other light and vivid colors, is a way to determinate a personal, elegant and unique style.


Passion for white shirts

Matching white to black with style, imagination and ease, is the right choice to create a classic men’s color combination, to be worn also at high level professional enviroments, as well as for all those formal and elegant occasions and ceremonies. A white shirt can be matched, with a little creativity, with elegant clothing, but also with classic black and vintage style jeans. Also a white t-shirt, combined with a black blazer, is a timeless garment, perfect for sporty, yet chic styles. Of course, the color white of all shirts should be impeccable and totally flawless.

Do you prefer black shirts or white shirts?