Style ideas for men: how to wear a casual shirt


A men’s casual shirt is a perfect garment for an alternative and relaxed look, especially for those who during the week have to dress in a classic manner, to be worn during leisure time, weekends, holidays and at all times when tradition elegance is not required. This, however, doesn’t mean that casual can’t be sophisticated and chic. Casual clothing should be made of excellent materials, with high quality finishings and extreme attention to detail, because after all, that’s what guarantees comfort and style in menswear. Wearing casual is also a real style itself, taken on by those who love to be original and creative.


Dress up your personality

Choosing what to wear is easy for men who love casual wear, you only need to use your creativity and mix & match colors that let your personality shine. The result will be pleasent, original and trendy, a look that expresses you and your stile, perfect for every casual occasion and any season. Despite the fact men’s casual shirts need to be comfy and durable, the design and aesthetic aspects should always be taken into consideration, in fact, generally the smallest details make these shirts special and help them to stand out from the rest. The choice of a casual shirt could only become difficult because of the huge range of casual shirts available, thanks to the numerous fabrics used to produce these shirts, from linen to cotton for summer, flannel, corduroy and denim for winter.


Have fun with colors

Men’s casual shirts are available in innumerable colors and patterns, to ensure there is something for everyone’s taste and style. Darker color vintage fabrics, such as blue, grey, black, green or brown, combined with contrasting details, are easy to match with suits, jackets and pants that have the same shade of the shirt, to create interesting and appealing looks. To add a touch of sophistication, colorful striped patterns, which by the way are also great to make your body appear slimmer, are a great option to be matched with classic or black jeans. Choose traditional tartan fabrics and checked shirts to create a nice and charming country look and for those who want to make a statement, ethinc-inspired designs and patterns are a perfect choice!