How to choose the perfect shirt fit



For an elegant man, the fit of a shirt is a matter of great importance, since we are talking about a garment that has to be perfect, it should complement the wearer’s body, without beeing too tight or loose.

Not surprisingly, in the past men’s fashion demanded that shirts would be made to measure by hand, with precise tailoring methods. Today, however, choosing the shirt fit has become very easy, since shirts are now produced with different fits, designed to meet the needs of every body type and size.

The online store Kamiceria offers three different shirt fits to choose from, so that you can avoid ordering a tailored shirt and save some money.


Classic fit

Classic fit model, which has a rather wide and loose wearability, to be worn under a suit jacket, combined with business or formal clothing. This type of shirt is suitable for any body type and perfect for those who are looking for a traditional and polished look. The Classic fit shirts are produced mostly in solid colors, with natural tones, white and light hues, to be matched with a beautiful tie, to create contrast or even tone on tone.


Slim fit

For those who prefer casual and easy looks, slim fit shirts have a figure-hugging fit, that highlights the shape of the body almost like a second skin. For these very reasons, a slim fit shirt is perfect for those who have a slender body type, it should be worn untucked and the shirts with darker colors, patterns, stripes or even vintage fabrics, should be matched with a pair of jeans.


Regular fit

Regular fit shirts are slightly more fitted than classic fit shirts, but more formal than slim shirts, this fact makes these shirts ideal for quite conventional looks, but it’s ideal also for those who choose sporty gamernts, however, whitout being too trendy. More elegant in the classic dress shirt shades and with stripes, while in strong colors and vintage tones are perfect paired with jeans and casual attire and the small sidecuts make it great looking even untucked.

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