Details that make a men’s shirt special



Patterned fabrics, micro patterns, floral designs and bright colors, are the main features of a special men’s shirt. These unique and exclusive garments, become the center of attention in social evenings and for sure attract the attention of others, thanks to their whimsical and special style.

In addition to patterned and bright men’s shirts, there are some special ones, that are simpler and more sober, but that still come with a little twist. These kinds of shirts are usually made with solid color fabrics, in basic variants, with some unique and characteristic small details, such as contrasting inside of the collar, buttoned placket or cuffs, sometimes even with a contrasting stitching. At first glance these shirts might seem basic, while those chic little details are hidden inside, but they make all the difference once the shirt is worn.


These shirts with contrasting trims are great for their versatility, in fact, when combined with a nice tie, they are suitable for formal occasions, while leaving a few buttons unbuttoned and turning up the cuffs let’s you show off the contrasting and colorful details, which make these shirts perfect for casual events. 

So, when choosing a shirt you shouldn’t base your choice only on taste, but also on occasions you’re going to attend and on your work place clothing.

Now the choice is yours: Do you like the whimsical and bright men’s shirts more than those with only some special details? And what are your favorite details in a men’s shirt?

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