The pursuit of perfect Valentine’s Day: Etiquette for men


With Valentine’s Day around the corner, romantic etiquette for men becomes a source of inspiration to pay homage to love.

Moreover, as we praise unmarried couples and complicated relationships, the romantic love, which takes your breath away and triumphs over all other things, after all always wins. But, as for any other difficult attempt, strategies and norms are to be respected. So, why shouldn’t a classy man, try to impress the woman of his dreams with a Valentine’s Day surprise, following some of these timeless rules?

The art of flirting

valentines day gift

By their nature males have always been hunters, and the capture is an art, so if the world revolves around this ancient ritual, we should not take it for granted. Especially because a woman, emancipated or not, likes to be seduced slowly, and the etiquette for men offers a wide range of simple but effective tips for that. In addition to an invitation to Valentine’s Day dinner, flowers are always welcome: unmistakable message of passion and desire, to give even after the romantic dinner.

A perfect evening

valentines day evening

Paying attention to detail is the most important thing: little particulars, such as opening the car door, helping her push the chair in at the restaraunt, pouring a drink or offering a cigarette, are appreciated by many women of all ages. If the dinner includes dancing, take the chance, because the body language says more than thousand words.. But be careful: not too near, yet never leave a woman alone.. who knows, you could lose her. It’s for the best not to overdo conversations with complicated thoughts or irony, being yourself, surely is a winning strategy. Count on looks, gestures, moments of silence and on the kindness of being there for her, even starting the day after.

The right style at the right time

how to dress for valentines day

When choosing clothes for Valentine’s Day, the rule that applies, is to adapt to the theme of the evening: classic look for elegant occasions, simple or casual chic for trendy atmospheres. There is no need to exaggerate with luxurious ceremony clothing, or with metropolitan youngster urbanwear, just be yourself, adding some good taste and imagination. Yes to a refined classic shirt in trendy colors, matched with a suit and a tie in different tones, or with a little bit of fantasy. Very trendy and chic option is to choose a tie that matches the color of your eyes or, why not, in tune with the shades your valentine is wearing.