The secret to the perfect shirt collar


The secret to the perfect shirt collar

An elegant man can be recognized, first of all, by the details of his clothing and the collar is one of those details that should always be flawless. In a traditional man’s look, the points of a classic shirt collar should always be perfect, as wrinkled or curly collars can easily ruin even the most refined and expensive outfit.


Even the collar has bones

To avoid wrinkles, there are men’s shirt accessories that tailors insert into specially made pockets on the underside of a shirt collar; these are known as collar stays, or collar sticks, bones, knuckles, tabs or collar stiffeners and they ensure a perfect shape as well as stabilize the collar’s endings. The collar stays are a significant part of a classic man’s wardrobe and a valuable accessory, not only to improve the appearance, but also to add value to the shirt. This detail should not be forgotten by men who pay attention to style and details, because collar stays give a shirt’s collar a perfect look and fit, adding a touch of elegance.


A detail for a picky man

In addition to its utility, the collar stays are pleasant and refined accessories and a great and original gift idea. Sometimes they are already inserted inside the collar, although this is a convenient solution, there’s a risk that the collar stays may break, especially if made out of plastic materials. For this very reason it’s better to choose shirts with removable sticks, which makes it possible replacing them if needed. Ideal for a classy man, who always wants to appear elegant and refined, these sticks are availabe in many precious materials, such as silver and nacre, but also in brass, steel and colored metal. For those who want to add a touch of originality, it’s a great idea to customize these accessories with your initials or nice phrases. The collar stays in these durable materials are a great choice, also to replace the anti-ecological plastic sticks.