Made in Italy with passion


Over fifty years of success, always and rigorously Made in Italy: this is Carrel, one of the most authentic and prestigious Italian shirt producers, which has over time transformed an old tradition of tailoring into passion, enthusiasm, innovation, fantasy.

A symbol of masculine elegance, as well as an explicit sign of distinction for men who wear them, Carrel shirts represent a perfect combination of classic and modern, elegance and fashion, style and trends. A magnificent expression of Made in Italy, especially during economically difficult times like this, it expresses the identity of our country in the best possible way.


The smallest details make all the difference

Since decades, elegant men have been wearing Carrel’s classic dress shirts, enhancing style and highlighting their charm. Certainly a classy choice, and furthermore, of high quality, because Carrel shirts tell a long story of Made in Italy’s timeless tradition, a history of technical accuracy, continuous research, which today has become the driving force of this venetian company. What makes Carrel’s shirts unique is the perfection in every detail, a typical feature of Italian shirt tailoring, from cutting fabrics to the hand made finishings, the hand stitched armholes, attachment of the buttons, insane attention to detail and to the manufacturing processes, which ensure an impeccable and perfect fit, as classic italian style should be.


The value of the Made in Italy

Creativity and invention, inherited from the past of Italian tailoring, are the key features of elegant men’s shirts, as demonstrated by Carrel, which has been able to combine the imaginativeness of men’s fashion with modern manufacturing industry, in order to offer not only consistently excellent results, but also an accurate quality control, that is continuous and inerrable. The whole production cycle is intertwined between design, tradition and high technology, keeping unchanged the cultural heritage and craftsmanship of Italian shirt, without forgetting the ever-changing fashion trends.