Effortless elegance with no-iron shirts

Comfortable, practical and always perfect, no-iron shirts are ideal for those who don’t have the time to iron and, however, want to have an elegant and pleasant appearance all-day at any time and in any situation.

The secret of the no-iron shirts is in the fabric: it’s made out of precious long cotton fiber and treated with a special finishing process, in order to give the fabric some stretch: thanks to this feature, the fabric needs no ironing and it maintains its fresh and wrinkle free aspect for long.

The Kamiceria megastore sells no-iron shirt collections from Caliban, CK Calvin Klein and Ingram, all of these brands use only high quality materials, in order to produce shirts that need no ironing. The result is a shirt that maintains its shape for serval hours, even if worn all-day: this is an advantage especially for those who travel frequently or for those who have to drive a lot, and don’t have the possibility to wear freshly ironed shirts.

To maintain the natural fressness of these no-iron shirts and to protect the fabric, in order to preserve its qualities over time, it’s necessary to follow just a few simple rules. First of all, after wearing the shirt, you should not put it into the laundry basket, but leave it hanging on a hanger. Then to wash the no iron shirt, always remove the collar stays, if included, turn the shirt inside out and choose a temperature of approximately 40 °C. After the wash, it is necessary to remove the shirt from the washing maschine as soon as possible, to avoid creasing it, and to hang it back on a hanger. Obviously these shirts are not to be ironed, but if you aim for perfection, when it’s possible, a light ironing gives these shirts a flawless and long lasting wrinkle free aspect.

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