A collection of casual shirts designed for an elegant man


A collection of casual shirts designed for an elegant man

Webb & Scott, one of the brands recently added to the online megastore Kamiceria, offers an immaginative collection of casual shirts, which distinguish for their refined shapes, for the attention that’s paid in the manifacturing process, for the good quality fabrics and, for the elegant and evocative colors chosen. You only need to take one look at the collection, to discover shades and shapes of men’s shirts that are up-to-date with the latest trends and designed for a man who loves to show off his best and who feels at ease everywhere.

The core of the brand Webb & Scott


Behind the brand Webb & Scott is Migor, one of the most acclaimed and authentic italian shirt manufacturers, that has inherited the sartorial tradition, but is also committed to ongoing research to renew the style constantly, following all the latest fashion trends of the moment, however, always paying attention to quality. The brand Webb & Scott embodys the creative spirit among the lines produced by Migor, with a collection that has a strong sportswear spirit, created to express the essence of a contemporary and casual shirt, perfect for every moment of the daily life and ideal for those who love to dress casually, yet with a touch of elegance.

Casual and classy at the same time


Webb & Scott thought about a dynamic and active man, who pays attention to elegance and to the originality of proper look. This collection of casual shirts, is composed by shirts with a minimalistic design, a fit that shows off the figure of the body, highlighting its sensuality and harmony, a reinterpretation of a classic shirt, perfect for every casual occasion, however full of unique and nice details. The simple collars, make these fashionable shirts by Webb&Scott ideal worn without a tie, matched with a pair of jeans or with a casual blazer. The soft and lightweight fabrics are the focal point of the collection, chosen in trendy colors and shades, in white with contrasting details, in multicolor stripes and with small patterns to achieve a vintage look.

Take a look at the collection and let us know what do you think about it and which looks inspired you!