Pocket square: How to match it successfully?


“Pocket square, if matched porperly, provides style and elegance.”

In one of our privious posts we wrote about Pocket square: men’s accessory that makes the difference”, and now we want to consider the matter, giving a few tips to successfully match this accessory with your outfits.


If you don’t have much experience in the use of the pocket square, we recommend that you choose neutral colors, to make your look appear pleasent at first sight and especially, without any excess of colors. For formal occasions, particularly, try matching a plain white or sky blue pocket square, based on the predominant color of the shirt you’re wearing.


For less important events, pocket squares with micro patterns, polka dots or stipes, are the most suitable option, in other words exactly perfect for casual occasions. Depending on your clothing taste, you can match the pocket square to shades of your shirt or even with the tie you’re wearing, a further option is to choose a totally different color, to create nice contrasts with the rest of the outfit (recommended only for casual occasions).


This accessory can be made of cotton, as well as of silk, but there are also some other materials available, such as cashmere, perfect for the winter season. It must be also added that there is no connection between pocket square and tie, so if worn at the same time, they don’t necessarily need to be the same fabric and color – so the choice of color in this case becomes a purely subjective thing.


Therefore we can conclude that it’s impossible to lay down precise rules for wearing a pocket square, men should rather rely on their creativity and follow their own style and good sence, according to their personality.