Flannel shirts: soft, warm and durable


Flannel shirts are known for their softness and high-resistance, in addition to the famous tartan pattern, as well as intense and bright colors. Because of this mix of features, flannel shirt has long been associated only with work, in fact it was worn by numerous factory workers, and still is, because it keeps them warm and the fabric is very long-lasting. Today, however, things have changed and flannel shirts are not related only to work anymore, in fact many world famous designers have presented them in their collections with various tartan patterns and intense colors.


The flannel shirts are warm thanks to the teaseling finishing process, during which the fluff of the fabric is raised, in a way that the latter retains air and acts as a thermal insulator. The twill weave, gives the fabric its excellent strength, while to obtain a soft and fluffy fabric, other two treatments are needed: fulling and combing.


Once these shirts were associated only with work, today they are perfect winter garments for every social occasions.

Do you wear flannel shirts?