Poggianti Shirt Collection Spring / Summer 2013


The Poggianti shirt collection for spring / summer 2013 was presented last summer at Pitti Uomo 82. To warm up a bit, given the low temperatures, we thought we’d post about the shirts that we’ll wear during the summer of 2013.

The new Poggianti shirt collection has a confident style to it, in fact the Poggianti stand at Pitti was very attracting precisely because of the wide range of bright colors, prints and stylish details.

In this shirt collection the plain colored, simple shirts become special, thanks to small details. Also denim shirts continue to be presented in different shades and with various features, such as zippers and contrasting details in the collar and in the cuffs. But, as known, the new trends for the up coming season are different tiny patterns, printed on the shirts of numerous brands and of course present also in the Poggianti shirt collection.

In addition, the entirely Italian production, is a strong hallmark of all the Pogginati shirt collections. This company also relies, for the most part, on Italian suppliers for the raw materials, such as fabrics, buttons, labels and tags.

Characteristic features of the Poggianti shirt collections are also the small collars, that the staff called “very Beatles”, as they bring to mind the fantastic fashion of the 60s!

What do you think about the collection?

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