How to dress well, according to your body shape [3/3]: Robust Body


This time it’s the turn of the robust body, after having talked about slender and normal bodies, and how they should dress, now it’s the time to speak about robust body built. The characteristics of a robust man were described in the first post.

A man with a robust body should prefer clothing with a good fit, that is made in simple and dark fabrics, this will give a leaner look. Also tight and short clothes should be avoided, and especially very bulky sweaters together with horizontal lines. When choosing a shirt, it’s better to privilege a normal size collar and make sure it’s the same color as the rest of the shirt.

Short and robust men should use sweaters and shirts with vertical lines and prefer dark colors. Avoid bulky fabrics, large checks, horizontal lines, cuffed pants and jeans with very consumed wash.

For a tall, robust man it’s easier to dress well, in fact, you’ll only need to follow the general guidelines.

Regarding the current trends, a man with a robust body should:
  • Fine and thin woollen fabrics
  • Shirts and sweaters with vertical stripes
  • Shirts and sweaters with colored checks
  • Full velvet suits
  • Sweaters with horizontal stripes
  • Heavy and bulky sweaters