Cashmere knitwear: The material


Cashmere knitwear is one of the most prestigious knitwear that existsThe material is highly valued and used for praised clothing, which thanks to this fine material, gives a classic and elegant look to it’s wearer. Cashmere has been used since ancient times, and because of its sophistication, warmth and softness it has received various nicknames such as “the golden fleece” or “the mantle of kings”. Not surprisingly, cashmere knitwear has always been preferred by those who are searching for tasteful, quality clothing, with impeccable style!

The animal, which this wonderful wool is obtained from, is a hircus goat, which is originally from an Asian region, called precisely Kashmir. It’s located in the mountainous area of Asia, on the border between India and Pakistan. Due to the low temperatures, that on those mountains may fall below -30 C°, these Hircus goats develop a fleece with two layers, the top part is called Giarre, that’s rough and thick, while the lower layer, called Duvet, is very soft and downy. Only this fine and precious part is used to realize the famous cashmere knitwear.

 A Hircus goat produces

300 grams of cashmere

wool in one year.                           

It takes 6.5 kilometers

of cashmere thread to make one sweater.                     

Worldwide there

are 104 million Hircus

 Goats raised.