Tuxedo shirt: how to choose the right one


Inspired by the charm of Mr. Bond .. James Bond, this week we want to post about his trusted outfit: Tuxedo, that certainly is present also in the all new 007 movie!

Choosing tuxedo shirt might be difficult. Occasions on which we can wear this elegant suit, can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Just think how many times have you seen an invitation that says “black tie”, which indicates requirement to wear Tuxedo. It’s also important to consider that the Tuxedo must not be worn, according to stylistical rules, before 6 pm. Once you happen to have an occasion to wear this outfit, it’s normal to be completely unprepared. But don’t worry! In this post I will teach you all the rules on how to choose not only the tuxedo shirt, but also the trousers, sash, gilety and the rest of the accessories! Let’s start?

Tuxedo and shirt

The shirt has to be white, made of cotton or linen. Buttons can be completely hidden, or, if in sight, they should be small and black. The cuffs are double, closed with gold, silver or black stone cufflinks. At the front of the shirt there may be pleats, ie small folds. In North America, many use a shirt with a classic collar with the Tuxedo, while in Europe a winged collar is prefered. Of course, adorned with a black silk bowtie, preferably hand-knotted.

Tuxedo and pants

The pants should always be black, even though the Tuxedo’s jacket was in other color. A distinctive feature of these pants are the thin bands of black satin, sewn on both sides from the waist to hem. Remember that the tuxedo pants should be worn without cuffs and they should be held up by a pair of thin suspenders, even though today also a small and elegant belt is accepted.


Tuxedo and cummerbund (or gilet)

A broad waist sash, also called cummerbund, is usually used with the Tuxedo. The cummerbund is a black satin sash, that is tied on the waist and has usually pleating on the front. The color and the fabric of the cummerbund must match the bow tie. The other option, gilet, should have flared neck and it should be made in a fabric similar to the rest of the outfit. In any case, either of these accessories is not obligatory.


Tuxedo, accessories and shoes

The most elegant shoes, to wear with the tuxedo, are made in black patent leather with a satin bow, but widely used are also those made of polished black leather. Anyway, the shoes should be simple, without any brogue cut-outs, and they should always be worn only with black stockings. A white handkerchief is commonly used with the tuxedo jacket, preferably with ‘Puff’ or ‘Three-point’ fold.

Tuxedo and… the tuxedo!

And now for the tuxedo jacket! Usually it’s worn single-breasted, with a single button, though there is also the double-breasted version. The lapels are shawl or spear, which, as well as the buttons are covered with black satin. Although, in the past the tuxido jacket was made and worn in many different colors, according to the style of today, it should be black or very dark blue. The exception that proves the rule is white, which is accepted in the summer occasions. Given that the tuxedo is worn often in warm environments, the most commonly used materials are very light.

Would you ever have thought that there were so many things to know about the tuxedo? Now it’s up to you to find the right matches between the tuxedo shirt and the rest of the outfit. And remember, if you have any doubts, write them in the comments, we will reply as soon as possible!

We greet you with this trailer of the new 007 movie: Skyfall.