Men’s fashion trends: How to dress for winter


What are the trends in men’s fashion this fall / winter? In this week’s post we want to submit a few examples, as always, with some suggestions from the Kamiceria store! Let’s start by saying that color combinations for men are quite usual. tones of gray, brown and blue continue to dominate the fashion trends for men regarding the use of colors. To avoid a boring final result, many designers added to their collections some colorful pieces and details, in colors such as burnt orange, teal, red in it’s various shades, along with mustard yellow.

 The most significant patterns in men’s fashion this season are different variations of checks and stripes. Color blocking is more popular than ever, which, after success in women’s clothing, comes also to men’s wardrobes. It’s a mix of more colors or shades combined together in a single look, in which the blocks or strips of different colors are evident. This gives a man a whole new look, for example, in a shirt, the fabric on the front at one side can be different than the other, or the strip of buttons, together with the collar, can be made in a contrasting color with the rest the shirt, to create color blocking.

Another new and attractive trend are colored pants paired with a shirt or a sweater in a contrasting color. Despite the inconvenience of leaving ankles uncovered during cold winter weather, the pants that continue to be in vogue are those of a length just above the ankle bone, with cuffs that underline the incomplete measurement. Sweaters are profuse and cured in details. In addition to smooth surfaced fabrics, there are many voluminous garments, in which the details are three dimensionals, which give a nice variation to men’s clothing. When combined into a single knitwear garment, different surfaces give it an original aspect and form. Finally, this winter knitwear becomes outerwear. A woolen jacket, ensures a nice feeling of warmth, as well as gives a trendy look, that’s in line with the men’s fashion trends of this season!

A suit is another interesting element in the men’s fashion trends, as once again it’s proposed as a way of dressing on daily basis. The look is made more casual by adopting colored or checked shirts, as well as a turtleneck sweater under the suit’s jacket. For more formal occasions designers have rediscovered the vest. Three-piece suit, made all in the same color, along with a white shirt and a narrow tie, ensures an impeccable look, in line with the latest men’s fashion trends!

These are the main men’s fashion trends for fall / winter 2012-13. In on of the next posts some tips to highlight the best parts of your body with right clothing, along with some suggestions on which of these men’s fashion trends suit your body the best! And if you liked the style, don’t miss the latest news, offers and promotions on Facebook and Twitter! ;)