Cottonstir Ingram: High-quality non-iron shirts


The Ingram non-iron shirts are truly revolutionary. As the name suggests, these shirts don’t need ironing. Entirely made of cotton, with a wrinkle-free finishing which makes these shirts “iron themselves” and maintain a great appearance throughout the day. It seems like a dream, but it works! These non-shirts are already widely used, yet only few people know their history. Here’s a brief explanation of that for you.. To begin with: the Ingram collection, is not called “non-iron” but… Cottonstir!

Ingram-non-iron-shirt-blueThe discovery of the fabrics that almost don’t need ironing, dates back to 1994. Only one year later, in ’95, Ingram produced their first Cottonstir non-iron shirt and since then they have never stopped. Today the Inghirami Company Group is one of the leading Italian companies operating in the textile and clothing sector. Founded in 1949 by Fabio Inghirami, who specialized in the production of shirts, soon acquiring a position of national leadership and one of the highest European levels. The company pays much attention to research, in order to provide always trendy and current products. The quality of these non-iron shirts is also based on this continuous research!



The Cottonstir shirts are available in classic fit and in different colors, including striped fabrics. These non-iron shirts feel as soft on the skin as any other cotton shirt, the only difference is that they maintain a just ironed appearance much longer. In order to keep the shirt wrinkle-free, you should hang it on a hanger immediately after washing. As soon as it’s dry, you can already wear it without problems. However, sometimes it’s advisable to iron them slightly for a perfect appearance. For sure it will be less demanding than to iron a normal shirt!

Well, now it’s your turn to tell us about your experiences with the Cottonstir shirts. Do you have them in your closet? How do you like them? Let us know with in the comments!