How to wash a shirt: instructions for use



Washing a shirt requires some basic rules that are useful not only in practice but also to get a faultless result. First of all, you should always check the care label on the inside of the shirt that indicates machine wash or hand wash. This is the most important difference to know about how to wash a shirt at best. Anyway, you should also take care of further aspects, such as stains, bleach, temperature and so on…keep on reading!


 If your shirt has some stains, the first thing to do is pre-treating the fabric locally by hand with Marsiglia soap (or with other stain removers additives) without scrubbing it too powerfully. Secondly, you should wash it by hand or by machine according to the label.

Water temperature in your wash machine

You should always choose the water temperature for your wash program very carefully. This should not exceed 30C-40C. Anyway, on one side of the label you will find the right temperature.

Detergents and bleach

It is very important to choose the most suitable cleaner. Besides, with dark coloured clothes we suggest that you button up and turn shirts inside out to retain their dark colour. On the contrary, you should avoid the bleach, otherwise your fabric might deteriorate immediately, above all if the fabric is delicate and fragile.


If you want to get a shirt without creases, you’d better use a coat hanger rather than a drying machine. The latter would surely shrink your clothes whereas the coat hanger can easily help you iron it, saving time and getting a better final result.