How to choose a tie: A few practical tips.


For decades, the basic model of a man’s shirt has remained almost the same. The differences, compared to the past, can be found in details, materials, and finishes… Every man can make his look more personal with a fairly wide range of accessories. One of these is the tie, which has definitely came back into vogue in recent years, adding personality and style to a man’s look! This classic accessory is capable of renewing itself every season: designers continue to present it with different patterns, materials and sizes.

Here are some practical tips to help you out in choosing the right tie!

1. WIDTH – Skinny ties keep on being trendy, for both formal and informal occasions. But pay attention: they are not suitable for all men! The standard width of a tie is 7.5 cm (about 2,9 inches), which looks good on almost everyone. However, if you are skinny, a narrower tie will look good on you and in case of a larger waist size, a wider one will be a better choice. Even patternes and strips should be chosen with care. Horizontal lines and large patterns tend to make you look bigger, while vertical lines and dark colors make you appear thinner.

2. MATERIAL – While selecting the tie, you should know that silk is certainly the most precious material, even though today there is a wide variety of materials available. Those made of synthetic fibers look really good and generally have a very competitive price, however, those made of natural fibers for sure remain the most appreciated.

3. MATCHING – Traditionally, for a classic look, your tie should be darker than your shirt and of a different color than your suit. Anyway, once you have understood the basic rules, you can try out some different combinations too. It’s good to keep in mind, though, that mixing two different patterns can be tricky and to do it successfully, you might want to do some experiments! Usually, it’s better to wear patterned ties with plain shirts and plain ties with patterned or plain shirts.

To conclude, when you are wearing a tie don’t forget to keep your shirt buttoned all the way up and make sure that the tie reaches down to your belt buckle!

Did you know that there are actually 85 different knots for the ties? We will talk about some of them in one of the next posts!

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