5 steps to smart packing



August is here and with it many are getting ready for their vacations. A few days before leaving there’s always this one question though, how to pack? The answer is not easy: indecision on what to bring, how to fit everything into the suitcase and especially how to avoid that nagging feeling of having forgotten something.. Read on and discover our 5 tips on how to pack!

1. Pack in advance

First, you should start packing in advance. This may seem like banal advice, but really helps to save some space in your luggage. Packing at the last minute may ensure that you forget something important or just pack a bunch of stuff that you’ll never need. Also making a list of items you want to bring, for sure is a good idea. The most important things to remember: money, documents, keys, medicines, hygiene products and of course clothing…!

2. The clothing

The second tip is to choose the clothing based on the climate and the season of your destination. But how to avoid that the departure seems like a real moving? Generally it’s better to choose few basic pieces of clothing, that can be mixed in to many different looks. Therefore you should also prefer neutral tones and simple colors, that are easy to match and go well for different occasions. Even if temperatures were to be high, bring something warm with you, such as a jacket or a shirt with long sleeves. In this way you can deal with any drops in the temperatures or a rainfall. Same thing, but on the contrary, if you are leaving the other half of the world.

3. From head to toe

Think you’re going to forget something? You could put the clothes and items on a bed according to the various parts of the body.. For example head we will need a hat, sunglasses, cream, toothbrush, razor … For the bust various shirts, a deodorant, a sunscreen… and so on down to the foot. Another system is to think about what are you going to do during the vacation, day to day. Is there an elegant event? A road trip by car? Just relaxing at the beach? What do I need for this occasions? The most forgotten items seem to be a toothbrush, a bathing suit and a mobile phone charger!!

4 – Some space for souvenirs too

To leave more room for souvenirs, a useful trick is to bring from home samples of perfumes, toothpastes, and/or shower creams, insted of the classic size bottles. These are easy to find or to make at home using small bottles and will save you enough space for the souvenirs.

5 – Learning from mistakes

Last advice is that you should think of the last vacation you took. This is not a mental exercise that wastes your time, but a simple and effective strategy to remember those things that you used less than twice. Last year you brought a mask and a snorkel to the sea, but only used them once in two weeks time? A couple of years ago you went to the mountains and returned with your flashlight still on the bottom of the suitcase? If so, this time leave these at home, they are not worth bringing!

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We wish you all a great summer holiday!