Poggianti 1958 and the new fall/winter 2012-13 collection


poggianti-shirtThe Poggianti 1958 collections are without a doubt always trendy: with distinguishing features such as colors, prints, stripes and embroideries. From the beginning, the Tuscan company has always wanted to impress and therefore pays much attention to details, especially to collars that assume very innovative forms in some models. These shirts have a distinctive style and are 100% made in Italy, being completely designed and manufactured in Italy. The fabrics are chosen only from the best italian cotton-mills, with the sole exception of Liberty London e Getzner Textil, two reliable high quality suppliers. The selection of materials is always carried out with care and attention, because Poggianti 1958 never compromises on quality!



For the upcoming fall / winter 2012-13 Poggianti has introduced a collection of shirts that truly reflects the company’s philosophy: getting noticed with character and courage, yet always in style. Inspiration for this collection is the typical man between 27 and 40 years, used to wearing a shirt not only to professional commitments during the day but also by night, during happy hour and social events.

In this collection Leonardo Poggianti and his staff have focused their creativity on details and finishes, so that every man can find some elements that characterize and value himself. 


The details in these Poggianti shirts are very eye-catching: for example, a french collar can become the center of attention if colored and matched with the row of buttons. Another novelty is to offer colorful shirts even in winter and finally, as every Poggianti collection, also this one is characterized by valuable and high quality materials.

Discover the new collection on our site: Poggianti Shirts
There is just one more thing to say: a man wearing a Poggianti shirt certainly doesn’t go unnoticed! What do you think about the Poggianti shirts? Do they fit your lifestyle and taste? Let us know, we are too curious!!