Celebrities’ tips about men dress suits

19 December 2014

Classic dress suit, the one which men usually wear for their wedding or for a...

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Men’s pocket squares, a classic of elegance

5 December 2014

Pocket squares, that is to say that small piece of fabric that men put in their...

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Cufflinks, men’s accessories that create your style

27 November 2014

Some men’s accessories are fundamental personalized touch of class in a...

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Men’s vest, back in style

18 November 2014

Wearing a men’s vest, is a great way to make your overall look stand out...

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Guide to men’s shirt collars

11 November 2014

How many types of men’s shirt collars do exist? There is a huge choice,...

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Sweater, a man’s guide

7 November 2014

Even though sweaters are often associated with a sporty or young image, they...

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Men’s jackets and the mismatched style

17 October 2014

Men’s jackets, usually considered as part of a suit, actually are really...

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Cardigan: tips on how to wear it

13 October 2014

The cardigan, a classic of men’s fashion, has recently become an...

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Tips and curiosities: tie knots

3 October 2014

Symbol of elegance and refinement, the tie is always an important and...

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How to choose the right fit of a...

18 September 2014

Finding the right fit of a shirt is far from a trivial task, indeed many men...

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Let’s learn how to spot quality shirts

5 September 2014

Fashion changes, but in the wardrobe of a man the shirt remains the most...

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How many types of shirt cuffs exist?

13 August 2014

Even though at first glance we do not notice shirt cuffs, this particular vary...

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s shirts

24 July 2014

Cristiano Ronaldo, the sexiest football player at the moment, might not be the...

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The linen shirt – Style tips

4 June 2014

Summertime is fast approaching and the lightest fashion trends also reach the...

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The polo shirt – history and tips

21 May 2014

The polo shirt, which is the unique cotton shirt with a collar closed by two or...

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Find the perfect Shirt and Tie color combination

11 April 2014

Finding the perfect suit, shirt and tie combination, is not that difficult....

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