Men’s knitwear, curiosities and tips

19 December 2013

Men’s knitwear has never fully been included as a part of elegant...

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A few curiosities about men’s cardigans

24 October 2013

Men’s cardigan is a must have piece in every man’s wardrobe, the...

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An elegant man wears a tailored suit?

30 January 2013

Some days ago I had the pleasant opportunity to have a conversation with an...

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A man in meggings with irony and sensuality

19 December 2012

It seems like Meggings, despite the mixed reviews, have already become the...

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Cashmere knitwear: The material

9 November 2012

Cashmere knitwear is one of the most prestigious knitwear that exists. The...

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wool sweaters – materials, quality labels and maintenance

3 October 2012

People wear wool sweaters and other types of woollen garments since thousands...

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