6 summer looks you can’t miss

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Who said that the heat of summer season makes style and elegance a challenge?

This summer, tailoring is going to combine with streetwear and urban style, men are definitely more casual, sporty and with more colours and patterns. The hues of this summer? Sugar paper, blue in all its shades, white and neutral tones synonyms of refinement and sobriety, but also eye-popping and vivid prints.

Here are 6 inspiring style hits for this summer:

1. ESSENTIAL WHITE: white linen or cotton shirt, a classic of the male wardrobe, and a must-have for summer 2014. The white, in all its different hues, becomes the predominant colour of the summer, in fresh and almost impalpable fabrics, as linen mixed with silk and cotton.


2. PRINTS & PATTERNS: Even the gentleman can dare this summer with patterns, from floral, to camouflage, micro-patterns, retro and geometric prints or polka dots. The patterned shirt, as an expression of personality, has to be showed off in brilliant colours. A fashion tip for a sober and elegant look is to pair the printed item with neutral and classic wardrobe staples, to avoid a patterned mess but also to allow the statement piece to take centre stage.




3. URBAN CHIC: lightweight cardigan with buttons, allows to be worn even opened, it is elegant and perfect for the summer season. With V-neck, in gray or navy blue colour is perfect paired with shirt and tie for a business-like image while remaining comfortable, or over a pair of chinos with turn-up cuffs and suede loafers for smart-casual occasions.


4. CLASSIC ELEGANCE: the blue cotton blazer single or double-breasted, combined with a paisley patterned tie and dark blue suede loafers, for a sophisticated yet bright elegance. It is a versatile garment, suitable for many occasions and types of outfits. The button-down oxford shirt is the perfect combination for a classic blazer jacket. In addition to plain colours you can also dare with stripe or check patterns, even those shirts that do not usually fit great with a suit for being too bright, combine well with a blazer.


5. NEO-DANDY: The keyword of this look is accessories. Green light for bow ties, silk pocket-handkerchiefs, brooches and cufflinks, hats and socks in sight. Eye-catching patterns and bright colours combine with jacquard microprints, Prince of Wales and microdesigns, vibrant shades and combinations of various hues and gradations of colors, yet always balanced. For this type of outfit also an ironic wardrobe is allowed, but always with a great attention to the smallest details.


6. FASHION LOOK: vintage chic shirt for urban bohemian style, in natural hues and soft pastel colours such as beige or shades of brown, for a chic and timeless style. The vintage shirt, with soft collar and cuffs and a washed effect, is ideal for a casual and natural look, to combine with regular jeans and tortoise glasses for a glam touch.

What will be your summer look?

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