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Now that Kamiceria’s blog has become more and more popular among people interested in men’s fashion, we thought we’d make some of you the protagonists of our posts. From client to client and follower to another, sharing fashion tips and reflections on trends and styles, and of course showing off your favorite men’s shirts! This is the basic concept of our new post series: short interviews and conversations with our customers and readers from different professional fields and backgrounds, about their clothing choices and style preferences in relation to their profession, hobbies and social life!

First of all, we would like to send a big thank you to the first person to be interviewed, Enrico, an insurance professional and financial advisor, with passion for sports and the mountains.

Describe yourself in a few words

I’m a 45 years old insurance professional and financial advisor. The fact that, for work I take care of other persons and of their futures, gives me great pleasure and also guides my own choices in life. During my spare time I love to draw and craft things, especially using wood. I love all outdoor sport activities, most of all those relaited to the mountains, during both summer and winter.

How do you normally dress for the office? Do you always wear a shirt, what about a tie?

In the office or when I’ve meetings with my clients, I want to give a professional and polished impression of myself, that’s why suit and tie are an obvious choice for me.

How do you distinguish a high-quality dress shirt, what details are important?

When you first look at a man wearing a shirt, you pay attention to the area of his neck, that’s why I think the collar, its shape and proporitions, along with the tie knot, are fundamental points. Also the cuffs and the related buttons are definitely another noteworthy feature, which gives a shirt its refinement. In order to look good, you have to feel good inside, so I also think choosing the right fit for your body type is important, because then you’ll feel more at ease. In general, you have to think about the proporitions, the quality of the seams, buttons, fabric and yarn, all those things that make the difference!

When you are buying a shirt, what are the factors that determine your choice?

As color is very subjective, I look at the different textiles, prints and patterns, in addition to original and refined embroideries. For me, a shirt has to be made of 100% natural fiber and even better if the production process is “green”. Lastly I evaluate the quality of the packaging.

Tell us more about your style. Do you prefer classic or fashionable clothing? Do you like more wearing men’s shirts or sportswear?

Garments that dominate my wardrobe are men’s shirts. I wear them for both, work and leisure time, I think it’s an essential piece of clothing every man should own. I have two wardrobes full of men’s shirts: the casuals (although I like to call them “no ties”) and the formal dress shirts for work, which I then divide between winter and summer ones, based on materials and colors. I love to have a wide variety to choose from, that’s why I have everything from denim and embroidered shirts to patterned and printed ones, in addition to the classic and ceremony dress shirts.

One style mistake everyone should avoid?

Wearing a shirt with collars and cuffs that are worn looking and frayed at the edges.


We would like to invite all of you, from fashion lovers to professionals of any kind, to participate in this initiative and to talk about fashion trends and preferences in terms of styles and looks. To be interviewed, please contact us by email: or leave us a comment on our blog! We only ask for one thing in return, a high quality photo of you, of course, wearing a shirt! :)


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